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Version 0.9.1 Website

The new version is here ... with more features!
There is now a calendar where seminars can be entered for all.
The video gallery is now also already online and also in the background is very much worked on that everything works. So we have a YouTube channel that still needs some followers so it can automatically link to other systems. You can find the channel under:

But also other small things have been improved - so we can send emails automatically and several bugs have been fixed. Also some people can already sign up to help with the website.
The permissions will be extended more and more, so soon the first moderators will be able to log in and set the "internal links" as well as the "main group links" in their groups and then it will go on and on.
Still some things have to be done and we will see if we can do it before Christmas:
The Orga groups need more data
The theme groups need more data
Everything needs to be made a bit "prettier" (the layout is not always good)
Some bugs still need to be fixed

If you know Drupal, you are welcome to send a small application here:

Everything else we will discuss later ...
Kind regards,

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